Start of the 1,000 Mile Solo Run

June 23, 2010 posted by admin

5pm Wednesday June 23

Diane sat-phoned late Tuesday and announced: I’m on my way, left the start mark at 3:45pm (Toronto time) and heading for “ODAS 41002” being an Anchored Oceanographic Data Buoy.

One of Monday’s repairs was to re run the bungees on the running backstays. On the way to the start, I noticed I had hooked one of the bungees around the spinnaker halyard. I extended the pole, dropped the runner so the bungee would hand down, climbed onto the boom, wedged myself between the mast and lower shroud, stretched as high as 5 feet 2 inches can reach and snagged the bungee. Managed to re run it correctly, releasing the trapped halyard.

Tuesday morning, Diane called twice: Lots of activity over night, two flying fish landed on the deck, passed a freighter and spend some time dodging the tail end of the fleet pulling in from the Newport Bermuda Race.

Having a bit of trouble with the Spot Tracker, probably operator error.

Tim again: Fired up Google Maps and put in the way points of Diane’s Solo Run. It is my intention to update her location about once per day, from the Spot Tracker data, drawing a simple track line. Probably do it in conjunction with her sat-phone update blog entries. Was into the local UK Halsey loft this afternoon. Not only is Brian and company one of Diane’s OGOC sponsors, they have my genoa with spreader tip puncture and damaged clew, torn in last night’s club race.

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