Successful UK Halsey Mission!

November 25, 2011 posted by admin

November 25, 2011
Yesterday was a successful mission with Tristan from UK Halsey onboard.  We sorted through bobstays and reinstated the shortest one for comparison measures.  As we launched OGOC, the wind started to pick up a little with a puff here and a puff there.  A little rigging and we were off the dock.  After doing turns to calibrate the new pilot we pressed out of the harbour….10knots of wind, 11, 12, 15….we were making our way up wind.  17, 18, 20, 22!!!  This wasn’t the forecast!  So we turned around, put the kite up and gybed before the imminent portage!  We were heading for Kingston at an easy 10-12 knots…….fabulous day!  🙂

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