We’re READY!

July 21, 2013 posted by admin

July 21, 2013
The Rimouski Anticosti Race starts today!  You can follow the four minis on our spot tracker.  I am very thankful to my co-skipper for letting me come and play on his zero for the race!  Jean Francois and I will be onboard Antidote, pressing all the way through the 650 miles to the finish line.  The routing is set, the sails and food are packed, and with the exception of one small little problem, we’re ready to go.  Unfortunately after many years of slow but steady corrosion, our anemometer has finally given up.  The tiny little wires inside are completely broken.  Poor thing has served it’s life and then some!  That means that for this race, we have no apparent wind angles.  We also will have no wind screen to watch at night to see the wind angles.  No problem….we’ll do it old school style!  🙂

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