Almost Ready for the Off!

May 3, 2012 posted by admin

At 1020 this evening, I decided it was time to go home….enough work for today.  The lee cloths are back in place, some of the sails stowed forward, the new liferaft has been fetched from Lorient, the weather has been “gribbed”.  We are very close to being able to head off to England for the Fastnet.  The plan at the moment is to leave tomorrow late afternoon.  The weather window looks good, but as you will all note, it’s midnight here in France and I’m still up sorting tools and toolbox stuff on my living room floor.  I will make sure to turn the spot tracker on for the delivery to Plymouth, England.  I will also make sure to let yo know when I am ready to go.  If not tomorrow evening, then Saturday morning for sure 🙂


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